Managing and tracking the total number of goods and or material in a store is made elementary through your GoodBooks material management system. Depending on the nature of the business, the scope of material handling varies significantly. From a distribution company to a manufacturing company, all your requirements will be met using your material management system.

We can customize our software to suit your exact needs, regardless of your field. Hence, the stores module features the following:

Inventory Optimization - Goodbooks

Inventory Optimization

Optimize your inventory so that you control how much maximum and minimum stock should be maintained.

Manage stocks based on market demand and enable a clear balance between supply and demand.

Enhance customer satisfaction and maximize your profits as our inventory optimization is designed with input from supply chain and manufacturing industry experts.

Warehouse Management

Coordinate the movement of goods that are incoming and outgoing through our warehouse management system.

Provisions for shipping, stock transfer and stock enquiries are some of the functionalities available here.

Depending on the need analysis can be done on batch/lot basis, packing type basis or even individual pack basis etc.

Warehouse Management - Goodbooks


Item Classification - Goodbooks

Item Classification

Classify items in a variety of ways which allow you to keep track of every single item individually.

A separate menu is dedicated to concentrate solely on the classification of item.

Keep several Units of Measurement (UOM), item groups, categories, brand, model, etc., for specific items based on your organization’s requirements.

Item Analysis

Analyze the item catalog using both detailed and summarized version of reports.

Keep an eye on consumption regarding allocation, work center, chart category, etc., of the items.

Acquire stock ledger, stock position and even stock ageing status of all the items present in your catalogue.

Even stock that is stationary (non-moving) can be analyzed by grouping them into Not transacted, non inward and non outward types.

Item Analysis - Goodbooks