Sales & Distribution

The importance of sales and distribution cannot be overlooked and it remains a key part of any organization’s success. Sales and distribution module manages activities like pre-sales, receiving and managing sales orders and schedules, delivering products to customers, billing customers, handling transportation and distribution of shipments.

The Sales module is useful in the following areas:

Sales and Distribution - Goodbooks

Sales Support

Sales require proper support in order to handle clients and their requests: inquiries, pricelist, terms, quotations, etc., are offered with ease.

Some of the products to be sold may involve schemes and promotions and there are provisions to highlight this.

Pricing and costing of items should be interconnected so that the margin for profit can be fully realized.

Sales proposals that can win over prospective customers.

Order to Delivery

Processing sales order so that buyers are properly engaged along with tracking at various stages of the transaction.

Manage sales orders with order acceptance effortlessly.

Delivery order and tracking along with prioritization of deliveries is made possible.

Order to Delivery - Goodbooks
Credit Management - Goodbooks

Credit Management

Credit management is integrated with several modules allowing you to keep an eye on credit without difficulty.

Set credit limits for customers.

Credit controls give you the opportunity to understand payment behavior of your clients, suppliers, dealers, etc.

Sales Reporting

Acquire a comprehensive report of sales regarding various registers in both detail and summary form.

Duty and tax reports can be analyzed through a diverse collection of sub reports pertaining to the same including their respective statutories.

Analysis of sales from a party, category and group perspective along with sales margin reporting.

Sales Reporting - Goodbooks