Organize the purchase of various categories of items by keeping tabs on the procurement process, from supply of material at right time, quantity and cost. GoodBooks allows the purchase module to link with planning module which gives you streamlined experience on all purchases. Business wise, the purchase module helps you in the following objectives.

Material Requirements Planning - Goodbooks

Material Requirements Planning

Purchase of materials with or without delivery schedules, local, import, with CENVAT claims, etc., are some of the possibilities.

The System can also generate consumption based stock replenishing purchase order at pre-defined time/planning periods.

With forecasting and MRP reports from planning, you are able to venture confidently when it comes to purchasing commodities.

Data Driven Vendor Selection & Ratings

There are various parameters that can be set which helps you select vendors, so that your purchases are made from the most reliable sources.

Vendor registration that allows you to track vendors from the pre-approval stage onwards.

Details on the item along with its respective vendors and performance ratings are presented in a concise manner.

Analysis of non-moving stock, stockout, requirement vs. received date, cost variance, inter branch transfers etc., are provided for improved effectiveness.

Data Driven Vendor Selection & Ratings - Goodbooks

Cost, Quantity and Quality Control - Goodbooks

Cost, Quantity and Quality Control

Some material costs are determined by the quality specifications and this can be automated in the debit/credit note.

Fixed and ad hoc cost elements on each item, transaction, etc., providing both control and flexibility with respect to handling purchase costs.

Bulk orders for multiple vendors with bulk inquiry based on various criteria.

Audit log logs all the operations in the system and this can be controlled, tracked, subscribed to and used for triggering various actions.

Tracking and Procurement of Materials

Track materials from dispatch through delivery using dispatch details and transit tracking system.

Use information about country, port and mode of dispatch to judge the projected date of material receipts.

Efficient documentation of transactions where integrated record and document management system keeps track on purchases.

Tracking and Procurement of Materials