Goodbooks’ production module aids you to provide greater emphasis on the need to control shop floor activities thereby reducing costs. Organize your manufacturing process, plan production activities such that there is flexibility. With a direct link to stores module, production module aims at arriving at the cost of individual components and products.

You also have the power to monitor the direct material and labour costs recorded against particular items.

Accurate BOMs - Goodbooks

Accurate BOMs

Customization is allowed where BOMs can be based on the exact requirement, be it product based or order based.

There is also support provided for multiple versions of the same product, allowing you to configure with ease.

Control and monitor the waste occurring from the materials for each product so that requirements can be reformed regarding BOM.

Work Order Management

Adapt to the current dynamic manufacturing environment by managing work orders better.

Work orders can be split or combined to provide the best possible outcome for your production requirements.

Works in both Traditional and Repetitive environments where change happens quickly and must accounted for.

Work Order Management - Goodbooks

Efficient Production Reporting - Goodbooks

Efficient Production Reporting

Comprehensive checklists of processes, operations, routing, bill of resources, etc., are maintained.

Customize the reports to suit your organizational needs so that only necessary information is acquired.

Summary of the production process along with its status, quantity, processes, costs can be viewed.

Stoppages and shortages reports along with the reason are also available.

Resource utilization reports along with material consumption and usage is present.

Production Planning & Order Management

Integration with planning and stores module assists production in ways that ultimately end up saving costs and increase output.

Manage orders effectively and specifically based on the requirements of clients and customers.

Production scheduling which will optimize, arrange and control workloads. Allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, production processes and purchase materials

Production Planning & Order Management - Goodbooks