Maintenance Module

Operational efficiency is achievable only through exemplary planning and maintenance of your equipment. Maintenance work maybe handled internally, externally or a combination of both, based on your company’s policies. Maintain separate schedules depending on machine types and track warranties of machines and key spares.

With GoodBooks’ Maintenance module, strategize your operations in ways that are profitable and sustainable to your organization.

Asset Management - Goodbooks

Asset Management

Manage assets through provisions that allow you to define and classify all types of assets that are part of your organization.

Track and set parameters for your asset that will let you monitor your assets in a more comprehensive manner.

Control the time management for asset activities with the help of an efficient time allocation system that has features like ticket time wherein tickets will be generated if the activity is incomplete.

Assign these activities to certain employees, groups or roles specialized for this purpose.

Maintenance Issues & Solutions

Record maintenance problems and categorize these based on your requirements so that each problem’s consequence and source are identified.

Link problems and solutions together using the Problem vs Solution menu of GoodBooks. This is particularly useful for complex maintenance issues.

Providing solutions to problems will never be easier as this method makes sure that the same problem does not arise again.

Maintenance Issues & Solutions - Goodbooks
Prompt Scheduling - Goodbooks

Prompt Scheduling

Scheduling the maintenance work is simpler and easier with the help of GoodBooks’ Task and Activity menus.

Ensure that the resources are available at the right time along with its specific equipment with the help of complete scheduling facilities.

There are sophisticated task creation facilities along with their detailed reports allowing you to properly monitor the activity.

This type of planning and scheduling will allow your organization to aspire for even better results and increase the overall productivity.

Maintenance Reporting

Keep a checklist of solution and problem reports so that tracking relevant data is simplified.

Reports of all the activity are available in the activity register and task completion lists can also be acquired.

There is a wide array of options to design the reports and you are privy to all the maintenance related activities with the help of these features.

Maintenance Reporting - Goodbooks