Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management covers all your needs pertaining to managing your workforce like attendance, payroll and human resources.

Attendance Management

GoodBooks monitors the attendance of employees by customizing settings suited especially to your unique needs. Tracking employee shifts, leave, overtime, etc., are more streamlined than ever. Some of the components and features:

Attendance Management - Goodbooks

Attendance Tracking

Track and record attendance on a daily, periodic, leave application or time slip basis.

Record overtime work of employees and compensate directly, if required, at any ratio of the standard pay.

Approve time slips of employees based on reason (official and personal) including automatic calculation of early in/out and late in/out.

Leave Management

Define and track any type of leaves along with eligibility criteria for each employee category for the leave type.

Facilities to account both loss of pay and leave credit of employees based on the working period.

A user friendly leave application interface that allows swift approval and tracking.

Leave Management - Goodbooks
Shift Operation - Goodbooks

Shift Operation

Manage intricate details of employee’s shift, its pattern, break time, etc.

Specify the shift rotation patterns individually or group wise based on the organization’s requirements.

Adding, removing and re-allotting shifts for employee(s) is made possible through this process.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is an integral part of any organization as it deals with compensation management of employees. Processing payroll is incredibly effective through GoodBooks as it lets you define your own pay structure with simple or highly complex calculations that includes additions, deductions, bonuses, taxes and other factors controlled by your organization. Features include:

Payroll Management - Goodbooks

Pay Configuration

Define multiple pay structures for specific employees or employee groups seamlessly.

Linking accounts in pay configuration can help in managing additions and deductions.

Design pay elements which have an outcome on the pay of the employee.

Options are provided to allow rounding off net pay and track the round off carry over across periods.

Pay Period

Configure pay periods that allow customizing period, attendance and overtime type for pay processing.

Create special pay periods that allow you to calculate bonus and arrears.

Attendance and overtime details can also be mentioned for each pay period.

Pay Period - Goodbooks
Pay Processing - Goodbooks

Pay Processing

It involves data base driven and multi-phase formula evaluation method to optimize the calculation process, however complex the formula is.

Pay processing can be run any number of times.

This is linked automatically with attendance, production, advances, statutory deductions, etc.

Prior to posting, there is a facility to preview and modify marked pay items before posting.

Pay Revision

Pay revision allows historical analysis as each revision can be tracked.

Redundant entries and updates can be avoided as there is automatic linking with pay processing.

Pay Revision - Goodbooks

Human Resources

Human resource management can be performed strategically using GoodBooks. Evaluating employee performance and allocating skills to its respective use in the organization is possible through our human resource management system.

Human Resources - Goodbooks

Skill Inventory

All the skills required and relative to your organization can be stored along with its respective level of expertise.

Provisions for tracking skill improvement and training are also present.

Viewing skills of individual employees along with skill level in a concise manner is possible.

Performance Metrics

Keep metrics with certain standards and targets according to your organization’s needs.

Performance metrics that are tactical and operational are measured with alerts and triggers

Performance Metrics - Goodbooks
Performance Appraisal - Goodbooks

Performance Appraisal

Configure parameters that are defined so as to properly measure the performance of employees.

Depending upon staff type, multiple appraisal definitions are configurable along with varying goals and time periods.

Recruitment & Training

Internal search or external recruitment for job openings in your organization can be done comprehensively.

Details about the applicant along with the selection rounds and results.

Multi-mode training programs featuring both internal and external training.

Scheduling programs for skill requirement and improvement along with feedback is simplified.

Recruitment & Training - Goodbooks
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