Accounts module of GoodBooks consists of systematic accounting functions along with accurate and customizable reports that holistically define the financial management of an organization.

General Ledger - Goodbooks

General Ledger

GoodBooks has a comprehensive ledger comprising of all internal and external transactions required in an organization.

Statement of both single and multiple accounts can be analyzed. Options are provided to specify ledger consolidation level for various types of accounts.

Centralized maintenance of Master menus with the option to subscribe to only relevant accounts for an organization.

Accounts Receivable

Both detailed and summary versions of accounts receivable can be reported.

Invoicing customers, collecting payments and managing receivables are now hassle-free because of our accessible methods.

Accounts receivable remainder, in charge and price categories are some of the reports that can be tracked and extracted using GoodBooks.

Accounts Receivable - Goodbooks
Accounts Payable - Goodbooks

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable can be managed by viewing reports of vendors, suppliers in both detailed and summary types.

Processing accounts payable is faster due to our automated workflow matching of all the service providers and vendors.

A faster payment process increases supplier satisfaction and contributes to the development of long-term vendor relationships.

Cash & Bank

This section allows analyzing financial transactions for any given period of time.

Provides information regarding source of fund and use of fund to meet payment obligations of the organization.

Cash & bank also integrates with the general ledger, accounts payable and receivable where transactions and invoices are processed.

Management of fund, planning and reconciliation of bank statements.

Cash & Bank - Goodbooks