Textile - Goodbooks

Textile industries are complicated in terms of challenges that arise due to volatile demands, increasing operational costs and a flurry of other issues. In order to beat these obstacles, you need a field-tested, top class solution in the form of GoodBooks. The overall industrial output of your textile businesses will witness a substantial improvement in quality and quantity.

Control and monitor every aspect of manufacturing from fibre to yarn and yarn to fabric using GoodBooks’ Cloud solutions. Leverage planning and scheduling activities of your organization’s production process. Synchronization with other modules of the system enables your industry to acquire oversight of processes. Utilization and allocation of resources during preparation, spinning, weaving and finishing is more streamlined than before.

Production of high quality fabrics is the main goal for any textile company and with GoodBooks you are equipped with tools that dictate every specification of your fabric to realize an end product design that is more or less close to perfection.

Seasons are crucial to how textile industries operate and the importance of planning – procurement of materials, dealing with ageing stock and pricing scenarios, can never be underestimated. GoodBooks’ Planning, Purchase and Stores module work in unison to reduce the workload of seasonal planning.

Functionalities dedicated to merchandizing, dyeing, warping, sizing, weaving, inspection and processing allows the whole manufacturing process to be dynamic and in sync with the industry’s latest techniques.

Get acquainted with the most systematic Inventory Management methods so that all your materials are properly valuated, accounted, allocated and stored. Analysis of inventory movement can also be done effortlessly.

Gain an edge over your competitors with Analytics and Dashboard module of GoodBooks which helps you analyze cost saving opportunities, plan new industrial ventures and enhance performance.

Monitor subcontractor performance and outsource work competently using the GoodBooks Subcontract module.

Textile industries are notoriously complex to manage and it is open knowledge that without an efficient ERP system, the task gets more difficult. GoodBooks provides valuable expertise in this field with years of industry-experience.