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The basic principle behind the Services industry is acquiring the clients and keeping them happy through exhibition of impeccable service standards. Imagine a master control that automates and simplifies all workflows/processes so that you concentrate on growing your business and that is what GoodBooks offers. Incorporate international service standards into your business in the form of cost optimization, analysis and planning.

Maintain the perfect balance between offering the best possible service to your customers and simultaneously keep an eye on actual costs. Services are usually very competitive because of the nature of the competition being completely cutthroat. This industry also has a very high potential for growth were there are requirements to

Production of high quality fabrics is the main goal for any textile company and with GoodBooks you are equipped with tools that dictate every specification of your fabric to realize an end product design that is more or less close to perfection.

Handle service activities with a professional touch, whether they are contract based, warranty based or ad hoc service call operations.

Encompass all services together by linking web based call registration, call allocation and routing to service engineers based on criteria, skill required and availability along with spares consumed or replaced.

Track warranties, service call progress, spare replacements and availability of service professionals effectively. This will let your organization confirm services rendered to your clients are of high standards.

Record problem and solution using provisions that let you provide solutions to the customer swiftly and correctly.

Maximize resource utilization with the help of GoodBooks’ services ecosystem. Gain resource visibility and deploy technicians for the appropriate task and site.

Track tasks, expenditures, and activities of every job and project. Gain insight on utilization of resources, project management and financials with an encompassing view of all service operations with GoodBooks.