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Retail industries are set for substantial growth and consumer demands are in line with a multitude of unique competitive retailing outlets. But management of retail chains is one of the most complicated tasks for this industry. There will be several concerns like market competition, maintenance costs, storage, regulatory compliance, etc. The synergy between your retail organization and a top-notch EERP suite like GoodBooks will be spectacular. Many marketing studies have cited that ERP systems fill areas where retailing needs assistance and expertise the most.

Business processes can be simplified, decision-making is easier, enterprise view of all operations is possible with GoodBooks. It makes more sense if you are part of emerging markets where retail industries have a bright but competitive future.

Goodbooks has features that allow your organization to optimize and utilize resources better. Experience benefits such as:

Retail-specific functionalities can be enabled allowing your organization to keep and customize components relevant to your unique retailing requirements.
Pricing can be accommodated for multiple arrangements e.g. discounts for large orders, supplier requested, etc., so that you retain flexibility and at the same time maintain consistency in all your operations.
Any retail industry insider will know about the mind boggling task of sticking to and adapting to all the regulatory, statutory standards prescribed by the government. These compliances should remain in the background and must not take so much time and resources. Get a handle on this with the help of GoodBooks’ statutory accommodations.
Planning can help you strategize retail operations to focus on growth. GoodBooks aids you in making key decisions based on comprehensive analytics that are presented in a simple manner. Hence your organization will increase merchandize sales at retail chains letting it achieve goals as planned.
HCM is an integral part of every retail industry and it can be agreed that the satisfaction of the customer is proportional to the motivation of the workforce. Acquire the right talent and make sure that employees with potential are able to grow with the help of various performance metrics.
Daily accounting activities such as receivables, payables, etc., can be managed with the help of GoodBooks’ financial management system. Assets, budgets, taxes and their reporting activities can also be covered simultaneously.
Inventory is the heart of your retail and you can witness industry’s best and latest practices using the Supply Chain management (SCM) system of GoodBooks. Procurement and maintenance of stock is hassle-free. Movement of stocks and its replenishment planning is simplified.

Integrated, accurate and consistent flow of information helps retailers manage their businesses better leading to inevitable growth of the organization. The retail sector has cutthroat competition and paper-thin margins and GoodBooks gives you tools to be miles ahead of your competition.