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ERPs role in enhancing manufacturing capabilities of an organization is widely acknowledged by industry experts. GoodBooks’ manufacturing management system can transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, resulting in a profitable impact on manufacturing, finances and customers.

Achieve visibility in all your manufacturing and related operations giving you leeway to strategize and grow in areas that your organization was restricted to do so. Hence, choosing a very flexible ERP system is key to making sure that it serves your organization perfectly.

In several manufacturing operations, GoodBooks’ functionality has a monumental impact:

Process manufacturing can maintain regulatory compliance through tracking highly-controlled processes, manage batches of goods, record complex mixtures of formulas and trace ingredients throughout various manufacturing stages.
Acquire real time manufacturing information, improve machine productivity and quality through an extensive array of reports, forms that automate, control and monitor various operations.
GoodBooks has provisions for all sorts of manufacturing fields like automobile, technology, machinery, precision, textile, chemicals, etc.
Instances will arise where material selection, equipment usage, engineering specifications, etc., will face frequent changes. It may be daunting to adapt and this is where GoodBooks rises to these challenges with ease. Effective Lead and Bill of Material (BOM) management allows your organization to plan better and face these obstacles head on.
Ensuring materials are available at the right quality, quantity and time is essential to the productivity of your manufacturing operations. Manage your supply,
Quality is a crucial parameter of every organization’s checklist and your organization will be able to enforce quality at every stage of a product’s lifecycle. Enable inspections and make them mandatory at critical junctures.
Adaptability is a key area for manufacturing industries, constantly being able to rise to the occasion where trends keep changing is crucial. Make sure that you are miles ahead of your competition by keeping up with latest practices in manufacturing with help of GoodBooks’ manufacturing management system.

GoodBooks cloud EERP has leading functionalities that serves a plethora of manufacturing industries with Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Keep reading for more industries.