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The key to superior distribution is adaptability to evolving business environments. Gaining a logistical foothold is critical if you want your product to flourish in today’s extremely competitive market. Manage and solve problems that distributors commonly face with the help of World class methods especially designed for Small and medium businesses.

Identifying faster transportation and cost saving methods are some key areas to improve constantly and GoodBooks’ Supply Chain Management system grants you this feature. Make inroads on booking, invoicing and shipping by the power of efficient automation. Acquire and analyze important data using GoodBooks to help you plan and decide on new strategies to propel your organization skywards.

Acquire clear visibility in warehousing and simplify the whole supply chain process. Even all the regulations – statutory compliances especially while dealing with exports, national and inter-state transactions can be quite a complicated peak which can be scaled using GoodBooks.

Orchestrate your distribution process right from procurement to the final delivery using GoodBooks’ systematic Supply Chain Management system.

Stores facilitates the whole Inventory management functions while keeping Sales, Planning and Logistics modules in line to form an integrated system that lets the administrator analyze and execute operations with ease.

Managing leads is a crucial way to progress further in your organization’s primary business directive – acquiring new businesses. Comprehensively track your prospects and set options to manage and analyze the potential of leads.

Exports can have a major impact for businesses and GoodBooks’ Export module serves you in areas dealing with compliance, automation, booking and tracking.

Ultimately it’s your present customers that need the most attention and make sure that you have customer retention and maintain the relationship to a point that allows for expansion.

Manufacturers and distributors gain centralized visibility across national and global operations by employing a single system like GoodBooks to handle Supply Chain Management (SCM), Sales Order Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).